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Girls’ Night Out Series

Women are primarily care-givers – caregivers for their kids, their parents, their partners, their employees, their co-workers, etc.

It’s likely no surprise to learn the importance for women to connect with other women so they feel cared for too. In attempts to feel connected, women are spending hours on facebook and rather than feeling connected research states women feel envious….that they aren’t doing enough or have enough. They see their facebook “friends” all having the time of their lives and feel they can’t live up.

Let’s get back to basics and connect with each other face to face. It’s through face-to-face connections that women release wonderful feel good bonding chemicals called Oxytosin and Prolactin.

At mindbodylab, we’ve created a series of Girls’ Night Outs for women to connect with other women, enjoy some healthy drinks/snacks, learn about a topic of interest, and most of all start the weekend off feeling relaxed and supported!

Friday night dates for Girls’ Night Out Series:

May 31st 7-9pm

June 7th 7-9pm

June 14 7-9pm

To learn more and to register, click here.


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