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about me + the lab

I help people feel better. Mentally and Physically.

My name is Juli Steinocher and I am in the business of helping people feel better.

I am a

  • licensed mental health counselor (LMHC)
  • licensed massage therapist (LMT)
  • certified personal trainer (CPT)
  • certified ACE health coach (CHC)
  • diplomat comprehensive energy psychology practitioner
  • certified EDEN Energy Medicine practitioner
  • certified EFT Practitioner
  • certified advanced PSYCH-K practitioner
  • trainings in
    • pain neutralization technique
    • touch for health therapy
    • trigger point therapy
    • Be Set Free Fast technique (BSFF)
    • Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

I list all these to help you understand mental health counseling is a career requiring intensive education and training to ensure a safe, confidential and ethical environment at all times.

I share these too as a way to tell the unique story of my practice and how i have combined many therapies to help my clients feel better.

Breaking the old stereotype of counseling and couches.

In my early days of being a counselor I worked at an agency seeing individuals, couples and families. I became frustrated when clients returned some 6-9-12 months later with the same (or very similar) issue. It seemed traditional talk therapy wasn’t being all that effective. When I uncovered research showing that traditional talk therapy had a low overall success rate…I began to look for alternatives that would produce better results.

Connecting the body to mental health counseling.

Fortunately, I learned about Energy Medicine and a specialty within Energy Medicine called Energy Psychology. I learned that emotions are literally in every cell of the body and upsetting events/memories can get stuck in the body – our subconscious mind. I had been experiencing my own life-long issue with an auto-immune condition (psoriasis) – doing this type of work along with changing my diet cleared up my skin condition.

Dual certifications in energy medicine and energy psychology ignited my passion in helping others to help themselves. We have in our own hands the ability to help ourselves to heal (emotionally and physically). I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in order to incorporate energy medicine into my mindbody practice. At the Mindbodylab, clients get the full experience of energy medicine while laying on a sound table that emits relaxing and healing music. I also offer the option of working with me from the comfort of your home/office (via SKYPE sessions) where you can see me demonstrate the various techniques for clearing your distress.

We are no longer victims of our genes.

Knowing that the unconscious mind is what drives us 90-95% of the time, I sought out ways of working with the subconscious mind to change limiting beliefs that tend to sabotage or hold us back from what we really want.

I continue to learn about the new and exciting sciences of epigentics (which results in the realization that we are no longer victims of our genes), and psych-neuro-immunology (PNI) – how stress affects our emotional and physical well-being.

My certification in personal training incorporates something that’s been in my life since I was an adolescent – exercise and strength training. This certification enables me the ability to work with my clients on their fitness and to teach basic nutrition. The research is clear on the benefits of nutrition and exercise on our mental and physical states. So much about our health has to do with our lifestyles – the things we do day in and day out and how we talk to ourselves throughout the day.

I continue to find effective ways of helping people learn ways to take care of themselves. We no longer need or want to give our power away to medical providers who write  a handful of prescriptions and send you out the door. Use your food as medicine, your exercise as medicine and your energy as medicine and find your way to feeling better.