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our approach to care

At mindbodylab, we treat people seeking relief and support for:

  • anxiety, depression
  • phobias, traumas
  • relationship issues
  • chronic pain/fatigue
  • weight/skin/pregnancy
  • old baggage/beliefs

We all want to just feel better.

We are working with patients who are sick of being sick and tired.

We’ll care for your urgent issues –  and we’ll teach you how to feel better for the long run.

Our craft is as unique as each patient for who we provide care:  blending the art and science of the body with its amazing connection to the workings of our subconscious system.

And finally, we offer relief without medications.

Rooted in traditional mental health counseling, the mindbodylab approach incorporates a series of modalities and techniques. Our training provides our clients results from the connections found in  energy medicine, energy psychology,Kinesiology, Chakras, neurovascular points and our entire subconscious system. For those seeking to learn more, we’ve included links to special lab reports.

Understanding + Actions = Results

Here’s how a typical session at the lab.

Step 1. Check -In (15 mins)

How are you feeling: Mentally & Physically.

We’ll use a scale of 1-10. (and utilize this measure throughout the session to chart our progress)

It’s a simple question: “Where do you rank your health/happiness/energy right now.”

We’ll also ask you to check-in and map where/how your body feels.

Are there certain areas of your body where you notice pain, issues, discomfort? We’ll note these as the body alerts us to many of our issues and provides us clues on how to make you feel better.

We’ll focus on what aspects you’re hoping to change to feel better.

We’ll dive a little into the history of  aspects of your life – but maybe not too much at first – we’ll discover the priority issues during Step 4 of of our session together.

Step II. Check-in, Subconscious System Part II (15 mins/30 mins total)

We’ll test your energy flow and  subconscious systems for blockage and imbalances

We believe the body is the subconscious mind. Understanding the energy flow of our bodies quickly indicates area of focus for our treatments. The energy meridian testing and organ testing offer important clues important for mapping the emotional connections. Don’t worry – it’s painless, non-evasive. From our comfortable recliner or our sound bed, we’ll quickly assess our options. Simple kinesiology techniques assist with a quick download for mapping out our next steps and the appropriate paths to take.

Step III. E =Feel Better (10 mins/40 mins total)

We’ll get your energy systems flowing.

Every reaction our bodies may have – start first with an electronic message. We’re a series of systems moving information, chemicals, blood and energy throughout our bodies. Your body’s critical energy systems must be moving forward together to feel better.

This step may encompass chakra balancing, energy meridian tracing, grounding, circulation pad (bemer).

We’ll quickly check-back in and rate how you feel now. (again, our 1-10 scale – but let’s see if it’s moving in the right direction)

Step IV. Treatments For Feeling Better (30 mins/70 mins total)

Now we’ll work on your health and happiness.

Based on the what we’ve learned from the first part of our session – we’ll now start to work on your mind and body wellness. For most of this session, you’ll be laying down on our soundbed/massage table (fully clothed), or sitting in a comfortable chair. Every session and every client is unique and I offer many techniques and modalities to assist with

  • Calming/Relaxing/Clarity
  • Overcoming Traumas (big and small baggage)
  • Phobias/Fears
  • Relationship challenges

During this part, you’ll get a chance to learn techniques for feeling better in the long run. (see first aid for stress and forever change booklets)

Many sessions will also offer opportunities to work on some body wellness issues or goals. While we find many of the chronic pain issues to resolve during our session naturally, there will be opportunities to focus on specific new or chronic pain issues.

I’m trained in pain neutralization technique (pnt) and my clients have found significant relief when needed.

I’ve been very successful with woman issues including weight, skin, and intentionally – getting pregnant!

By the end of this session, you should experience a calm and relaxed state of mind – also known as feeling better.

Step V. Final Check-in and Next Steps. (5 mins/75 mins total)

Get ready, it’s gut-check time.

First, we’ll  rate how we feel. Most clients are amazed how far up the scale they rate themselves after a session. Easily going from a 2 or 3 at the beginning to a 7,8,9, or even 10 when they leave.

Finally, we’ll introduce the concept of your gut as your second brain. If you’re gut isn’t healthy, it’s hard to feel better. We’ll discuss your conscious approach to eating right for you. There’s no easier way to feel better than a good healthy meal.

As you leave, you’ll want to remember a very important next step: drink plenty of water to flush the toxins away. Your body has been through a lot today but you should be feeling better and you’ll probably sleep well too.

We’ve given you a few tools/tips to assist with the days ahead. And we’ll get another session scheduled to continue working your plan for feeling better.