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Workshop Attendee Stress Free!

I wanted to start by thanking you for hosting the “First Aid for Stress” class the other day.  I was very impressed with how much better I felt after.  In fact, when I met up with some friends after class, they asked me if I had just come from the spa for a massage because I looked incredibly relaxed!
– Kristina


childhood trauma

The work Juli and I did in our sessions dissolved a core trauma in my life, originating from childhood. To begin our work together, Juli helped me to “collapse” or “make smaller” the adult stress and anxiety that I was still feeling from the trauma. This session allowed me to feel a deep emotional release, and this release permitted me to explore the incident – without fear of re-awakening the trauma – and to reach a deeper understanding of how it has colored other important events and decisions in my life. Going through this process with Juli’s guidance has given me the ability to live my life now with significantly more emotional freedom and peace, and I am very grateful.
– Rebecca H

Rebecca H

a lifetime of stuggles

Juli helped me identify and release some very deep core issues that I have been struggling with all my life. After our session I felt my authentic self emerging, and I felt empowered and clear on who I really am. Juli is amazing! Besides being loving and caring, Juli has great insight about what her clients need.  She has helped me more then she will ever know.
– J.C.


More Love

Thank you so much for all your help, Juli. I am leaving today with more strength, love, and sense of self than I’ve ever had.
– Gina


vietnam vet finds pain relief

It is no small measure of gratitude that I express my heart felt thanks to you for your work with me. Digging into my subconscious in the manner you did was different than any other therapy experience I had encountered. It, to my surprise, brought me healing in a quick and robust way.

This brought healing to my body, mind and spirit. The pain in my stomach disappeared and a new found confidence radiated from me. It allowed me so many new avenues of possibilities. This has allowed me to go into a love relationship in a more robust and confident way.
— Carl – Vietnam War Veteran


Feel like I have a new set of batteries

Thank you so much. I really feel you balanced me and realigned my energies, which had shifted off course. Yes – I had tons of energy on Wednesday night and cleaned out stuff that I had been meaning to do for awhile. I feel like I have a new set of batteries installed in me and they are on super power. I have now written three days in a row – so I am off to a fabulous start. I have claimed the dining room table (which does not get used) as my new writing space and it is fabulous.
– Karen H (Author)

Karen H (Author)

Falling Asleep Again

Thank you.  Falling asleep was much easier than it has been in a long time.
– D. – (struggled sleeping since near drowning incident of child)


It’s a good feeling

The work we did last week had an amazing effect, Juli. I’m feeling a complete shift inside. I have an underlying feeling of confidence, assuredness, and OK-ness that wasn’t there before in my relationships with people, especially women. I even feel it when I’m with my mom now. It’s a really good feeling.
– Susan


Teenage Boy

I was glad to see my son open up so much on Wednesday – he is typically hesitant to share his feelings.
— Mom of  teenage boy

Mom of A Teenage Boy

Improvements in Relationship & Health

Thanks, Juli, for your gracious ways in helping me overcome old subconscious belief patterns that I was not even aware I had. Since working with you, I have noticed improvement in my relationships, my health, and my whole outlook on life.
– A.



First Aid For Stress Workshop Attendee

First Aid for Stress Workshop Attendee:

Really enjoyed the workshop, especially the take-away booklet.  What a wealth of valuable information, priceless!
– Diane


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